Evolution and innovation

Our team is multidisciplinary and made up of specialists who map the planning and track the performance of your business, as well as the designers and programmers who execute the improvements.

Analysis of store performance is done using the Analytics and Crazy Egg tools, which graphically map the areas that are most clicked and of most interest to the users.

Our work also has a very important stand out feature: a versioning system that registers alterations that are made in the store’s source code. Therefore, if any problem appears we can reverse it immediately, without compromising sales.

Find out what specialists you will have at your service with the Evolution Plan.

Management and support

Analyzes and suggests improvements based on reports, as well as developing customized solutions that use all of the technology in the VTEX system.

Designers and usability

Offer solutions that shorten the journey between desire and action, increasing the store’s conversion rate and improving the user experience.

Development and innovation

Focuses on performance optimization in order to reduce the bounce rate. Here, code is created that is executed in the navigator in the shortest time possible.